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Not real. Not real. Not real. Kat repeated that multiple times in her head as she continued her way back outside the gate along with everyone else. She still kept her grip around the both ropes, the one that was leading them back to safety and the one that was still wrapped around Olly's waist. She had absolutely no intention of letting of either ropes.

It honestly felt like a death march. They weren't that far, actually, but the general presence of the mist had drained whatever daylight there was metaphorically present in the blond.

Kat let out a relieved sigh as they reached safe grounds. She made a head count of all the people in her division, noting that they were all present. Another wave of relief rushed over her. She offered all of them a nod of acknowledgment for a job well done. For surviving. That was the most important thing at the moment.

Before transporting back to the ministry, Kat made sure to send a severing charm on the rope she'd conjured around Olly. "Good to go, boss." There was no more need for that. They were alive. They were safe. They could go home at the end of the day. With that, Kat took her emergency portkey and felt the sensation of being carried away on a hook. She'd take this feeling over all that she'd experienced today.

And off she went.
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