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That was the first thought that came to Olly's mind once the world had stopped spinning around her. Somehow she'd managed to stay upright, even after the portkey-ride but only because she was leaning against the fountain right now. Would it be very un-Department Head-like to put her whole head into the fountain for a few moments? Just for...some peace and quiet? To calm down?

Her thought process was interrupted by Archer's words however and she dismissed the idea.

Or postponed it anyway.

Watching employees come back from Hogsmeade, Olly waited a few moments longer before finally addressing them. "I-" Yeah, she was supposed to say something, wasn't she? "You can all go home. Take a few days. Or the week if- if you feel you need to." Honestly, if it was possible, she herself would just go home and stay with Schuyler and Evie for about a month. "Just...leave the samples with me." They'd brought them, yeah?

There was absolutely no way she was in any condition to send a Patronus right now (she had problems with that on good days) so she took a deep breath and formulated a quick memo to the Minister, telling him that they'd returned and...that she was down here by the fountain. And that she needed to speak with him.
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