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Beauxbatons is known to embrace the arts and so it will come as no surprise to discover the glorious music hall on the second floor is a delightful practice space and performance space, depending on what is required.

When it is at its default of a practice space, the charms on the room allow for students to practice their instrument of choice without interference from other musicians - you will simply hear whichever specific instruments and players that you wish to hear, and any other music will be unheard even if they are only a few feet away. Along one wall is a rack which contains dozens of different instruments that students may borrow - simply use the baby blue ostrich feather quill to sign it out on the gilded parchment sheet stuck on the wall next to the rack. There are floating music stands, comfortable chairs, magical amplifiers, and all sorts of other equipment to help you on your musical journey. And don't forget the sheet music library where hundreds of years of music of all genres, magical and muggle, are stored for students to learn from.

While you may practice almost any time that you wish to do so, the one exception is Thursday evenings, when the room transforms itself to a performance space at promptly 7pm. A ghost orchestra takes centre stage and students are welcome to sit in in the chairs (which organize themselves into neat rows facing the stage) to enjoy the show. If you wish to hold your own performance you may book the room and have it transform as such during your booking time - once again, make use of the ostrich feather quill to book the room for performances, for a maximum of two hours at a time.

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