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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Yasmin had left her meeting on the first floor feeling quite reenergized. Collaborative spaces full of cooperation were truly unmatched in possibility. There were still areas in which they could all improve, but for the most part she felt as if the consultation was truly engaging and meaningful. There was quite a lot to think about and she felt ready to go back to her cubicle to PLAN.

Though on her way, she paused by a room. A room where she heard shouting?

At first, Yasmin approached with caution. Afraid that she had stumbled upon some sort of disagreement or intruded on an intimate moment between two people who wanted their space. But as she drew closer to the shouting, she realized that it was only one voice that she had been hearing. And... He was playing some sort of game?

Yassi watched by the doorway, giggling softly to herself as she quietly watched the sight before her. He truly had a youthful enthusiasm about him, didn't he? It was very refreshing. Something she did not see enough around the ministry.
"WHATTA YOU MEAN I'M IN SECOND PLACE?!!!!" Theophilus was nOt impressed with this change of events and jumped down to sit on the chair he had been previously standing on. "I'll show you what second place means!" A stamp of the foot.

"And then I'll show you how to get to FIRST place."

That was a lie.

Theophilus absolutely finished the race in eighth place after jamming every single button and shouting curse words over and over again.


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