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Well then...

Cecelia set her jaw and squared her shoulders and crossed her arms in a manner that said she was very much not at all even a little bit happy with the way Catherine Mordaunt was acting. This was not how you treated a guest, she was pretty sure. Not that Cecelia had guests, but her mum did, and her mum never treated guests like this. Not ever. She was also pretty sure this was what you'd call rude, ignoring her standing here like she was, but Catherine was the stubborn sort so Cecelia could be stubborn too...maybe. She was going to try.

Heading into the room, she took a seat opposite the brunette and began to paint. She was being EXTRA quiet which was probably LOUD in that Catherine HAD to notice the change. Cecelia Summers was almost never quiet and always had something to say so to NOT have something to say meant SOMETHING was very wrong.
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