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Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
Ursula noticed Bambi's attitude and her eyes flashed in a mix of hurt and fury. Dishonesty was not something that she was known for because she didn't possess it. The tears had quickly dried up and Ursula was now standing on the crash mat, thankful that her wand was in the pocket of her Ministry uniform.

She headed to the large pool of water in the corner of the room, drawing out her wand. It was the perfect distraction as she non-verbally made the water form shapes like some sort of aquatic ballet. It was best if she kept to herself.

"If people can't accept a genuine apology then that's their loss, not mine!" Ursula thought bitterly.
Originally Posted by oh its Erik ok View Post
Where they just going to ignore...well she did apologize even if it felt well not fully sincere to Angelica at least. "It's fine" Really to her all she did was call her by the wrong nickname...was worse to Bambi. But guess they were just ignore her walking over to the pool.


Huh, interesting. Wouldn't have thought it.

"Was your wife working during it or did you both just enjoy being there? No, i always been a fan of football even if my local team really really sucks. Just could never really get into it"

Or wanted to for that matter. Still the atmosphere surrounding it and being involved in it sounded about as fun as being at a football word cup. Angelica thought she saw Agan...crying...nah she couldn't be. She was just seeing things out of the corner of her eye.
If Bambi noticed the woman's fury, she didn't comment on it and went on speaking to Angelica without interruption. In fact, the only time she glanced back at Ursula was when she started conjuring shapes out of water. Neat little trick, if she was being honest. Very neat.

"Both? I think she had to be there," Bambi nodded with a smile and a head tilt, hip jutted out as she settled into the small talk stance. The mention of football summoned a delighted laugh out of Bambi and she immediately decided she quite liked this new hire of theirs. "You'll get on very well with Layla, my wife. She's a big muggle sports fan," she added with several enthusiastic nods.

Bambi had yet to determine if she also liked football, or if she had embraced it because her wife loved it so. In any case, whatever made Layla happy made her happy too, so that closed the lid on that question really. She would have Angelica meet Layla as soon as possible! More friends was always a good thing.
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