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Originally Posted by Kimothy View Post
Okay but you gotta admit it, Angelica, it was a good joke. A great one. Anya also believed that if nobody found your joke funny, then laugh about your joke. It makes things extra funny. And it would also kind of mask the fact that people don't like your joke, but she was never the serious type. She didn't take that one seriously. She was here for a good time. "Nice to meet you too, insert-name-here." Hint. It was your turn for a joke, Angelica. Hint.

"There might be some coloured options but if not, it's nothing a charm couldn't fix!" Anya replied. Though she was a witch, she quite preferred muggle means to accomplish things. So if she ever needed to colour any of her plain white shirts, she would love to do a DIY tie-dye experiment. Wouldn't that be fun.

It was a shame Anya had stopped competitively swimming. She would have enjoyed a lap or two if she were allowed. "Only if it doesn't get you into trouble." Otherwise, a trip to level 3 was now part of her Ministry to-do list. A bucket list seemed more accurate though.
She could admit that since she was laughing even if it was a horrible horrible good joke on the level of dad jokes everywhere. Now she had to come up with something witty which was not her strong suit and look at that she failed but she had something.

"Ms. Laughing too much at Jokes. It has been a pleasure"

Its the height of lazy where Angelica would rather just buy a shirt in the colors she wanted instead of just using a simple charm with just required her wand. "I know but laziness is sure one hell of a motivator to buy it in the colors you want it to be already" That being said she would like to see the shirt in rainbow.

She had to think about that since she doubted she would get in trouble at all. And it would be nice. She shook her head. "I think it would be fine if we went together. Only way i get in trouble is if i leave you in the room" Sound logic from her. Most be one of her good days then. She never makes this much sense.

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