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Default Image Hosting Changes

From watermarks to blurring out images completely and even a full shutdown, there have been some recent changes in terms of image hosting sites. Whether you're aware of these changes or not, we, your Gladrags team, want to keep you as up to date on these changes as possible. Below contains information on said changes as well as ways we can move forward:

Two years ago, Photobucket changed its services and have started becoming a paid service for image hosting. Very recently, its sister site, tinypic, has announced that it cannot support a free service and will therefore be shutting down. That's right, tinypic will no longer be in use after 2019.

So what do we do? For those of you using tinypic, our best suggestion would be to transfer your images to another image hosting site (listed below) and start using one of those, instead. For those of you still using Photobucket, please make sure to check your images and start adopting one of the alternatives as well.

Need a new image hosting site? We have got you covered! Here are the options taken straight from the Welcome to Gladrags thread:

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  • This site is specifically designed as an image hosting service for forum sites. They have a staff that search through the images themselves so anything that's not appropriate for them will definitely not be appropriate for site. Also, you can upload images and link it to SS without having an account but it's recommended to create an account in case you lose things.
  • This site has an almost social media feel to it in the sense that people can like your images and you can keep a track of them. There's also a feature where you can search for graphics and textures that other people have put up and put up some of your own as well. So, if you're into that, this might be the better option for you.

Please pick one of the above sites or, if you prefer any alternatives (imgur being another example), then you can use them as well. However, please make sure to use your own image hosting account.

Need a hand? Have some questions? Please feel free to nudge one of your friendly neighbourhood Gladrags moderators:

hermionesclone, Nymphadoraliz, Suziella, and sweetpinkpixie
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