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Claudine made it back to the interior of the Mansion but not without being seen. This did not bother her as she smoothly passed it off with an innocent smile or under the pretense of returning to her vast and spacious room to pick up her favourite towel when questioned by anyone. She halted when she came close to the room where the meetings were usually held. From afar she watched Eivan step into it. “Of course,’’ she thought. “Eivan is now old enough.’’ The realisation hit Claudine, seemingly with the force of the Hogwarts Express.

Shrewd eyes studied the layout of the corridor. There was a huge blue and white vase close to the room’s door. She could hide behind it and attempt to eavesdr-

Claudine was startled. So startled that her hands reached up to clamp over her mouth. When she regained composure, she saw that it was only Anthony. She rolled her eyes. “What, Anthony?'' the girl asked and lowering her hands. "What do you want?’’
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