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Tristan finally decided to sit down on the opposite couch that Kamryn had sat on that way they could converse easily. He looked over at the girl who seemed...sad almost? He wasn't quite sure. But he was quickly distracted by Sebastian's question.

"Oh, yes. It's in a different part of the house and has more music and musical instruments as well as books." It was one of his favorite rooms besides Kalen's study and their bedroom.

Tristan grinned at the young man's astonishment. It was a lot of books after all. Tristan had a lot of Vinyl records, CD's, and of course a ton of books but not nearly as many as Kale Chip had. Speaking of his Chip...where was that man? His nerves were getting the better of him...hence the crossing and uncrossing of his legs. He couldn't explain it, but something was up with these two and it was making him nervous.

Pulling himself out of his entranced stupor, he grinned at Kam...who was suddenly looking sad. He gave her a wink before taking off his coat and sitting down next to her, laying it across his lap.

"That sounds fantastic. I would love to see it. I play piano, guitar, and drums. And...I sing a little too." He said with a slight blush. Not many people knew he sung but it was fine. Kam knew...why would he be embarrassed. Maybe because he already know Professor Wayland played guitar and piano and he sang as well. So many things in common. It was funny because his mother wasn't musically inclined at all.

This was all so weird...he kinda hoped Professor Kennedy would come back so he could just tell them. This waiting game was making him even more nervous.

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