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The mist.

Drewett had heard those words from someone, from behind. Chloe's voice had sounded very familiar to him, but now that his brain was overanalyzing everything and thinking of the worst possible scenario (which was literally what was happening to them right now), it no longer mattered to him. He tensed a little and his wand hand was slightly trembling as more and more people started to acknowledge the mist that was coming for them. One of the voices, he was certain, came from Dia. He knew her voice. That was hers. She was talking about mist. The mist. The mist. "Nettie, stay close." He was gritting his teeth a little so he didn't stutter like a madman, but he watched the other Ravenclaw squeeze her way through to the crowd to warn Gunnar and Eiji. Nettie surely didn't mean to start a panic, but with Drewett? Bold of you to assume that he wouldn't in this situation.

The fifth year hadn't even been able to register that Missa was already holding his hand and tugging him with her. Drewett wouldn't have minded under normal circumstances anyway. His mind was lagging on him. The Ravenclaw then started to regulate his breathing again. He didn't want to panic. He was already very twitchy with how crowded they were in this passage. He didn't need anyone seeing him panicking right here, right now. Drewett kept his pacing beside Missa, still holding her hand and gently squeezing it. He would be sorry to Eiji about this but it didn't even cross his mind at this point.

Merlin. Where was his girlfriend? Could the people in front please go faster? Was the headmaster seeing this?
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