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They were....meditating?

Not that it was against it. It was just different. Drewett had never had a class where they were told to sit back (in this case, lie back down) and relax. Literally relax. But it wasn't the unwelcomed kind of different. In fact, the Ravenclaw felt that he might actually need some kind of unwinding especially with the mist. He had been ready for a lesson and he came fully prepared to be intellectually challenged, but with OWLs, he had never came to realize that he was also starting to feel drained.

Following the professor's instructions, the fifth year decided to lie down on the grass and tried to make himself comfortable. He placed his hands on the ground beside him and closed his eyes.

His happy place? Drewett hadn't really thought of anywhere specific until he had to think of one now. But he'd settled for the nice spot on the grass, under a big tree, back at home with the Gunters. Overlooking the lake. He'd like to take Evan there sometime, maybe during the summer. But that was it, the peace and quiet with no sounds surrounding him but the rustling of leaves, the chirping of birds, and the calming sound from the water nearby. Home.

Inhale. Exhale. He tried his very best not to fall asleep on the spot. It was difficult, but his desire to not get detention was enough to keep him from slipping into sleepsville.
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