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Unlike Drew, Missa wasn't as jumpy when Nettie joined them. She, instead, smiled at the girl before continuing to walk. Somehow everyone being around her was comforting and assuring enough that they'd be okay. She certainly wasn't as scared as she would have been if she would have been alone.

That was of course until .... Nettie suddenly urged them to move forward, clearly much faster than their current pace - her confused eyes followed the girl, and a surge of emotions ran through her. Suffice to say, none of them were pleasant, seeing her hold Eiji's hand - because suddenly that was all Missa wanted to do.

Thankfully the sudden commotion took her attention away from the blonde - and she finally noticed the mist behind them.

Bloody hell.

Her hand tightened on Trinity's and the other immediately reached for Drew - tugging him forward with her, "stay close to me" she quickly added - needing him to a little too much in this desperate moment.

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