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Catherine kept quiet until they reached her bedroom door, but she didn't open it. She also didn't look back at Cecelia because she was still very annoyed at the whole situation. Urgh, Noah wasn't even there and he was ruining their day!

The young brunette refrained herself from saying that 'no, Cecelia wasn't friends with the both of them' because she knew it wasn't true. Sadly, Catherine had to share her best friend, just like everything else, with her twin brother. It wasn't enough he was dad's favourite - although his silly self didn't see that - he was also the most liked at their school, had a lot more friends there than she did, and - she was sure of it - he was their teacher's favourite too. Catherine didn't see why that was, because Noah didn't even do his homework every day!

Why, just why couldn't she have at least her best friend all to herself? "He's not allowed in here today." She finally said, opening the door and heading straight to the area she had neatly organised to be their play area that day. Only two seats. Two sheets of paper and two sets of watercolour. For the two of them.

The two being Catherine and Cecelia, in case anyone was wondering. She had to be super obvious about these things around here! Huff.

Catherine took her seat and, with a frown and still not looking at the blonde, started to quietly and angrily work on her watercolour.
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