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Originally Posted by Tegz View Post
Carmine had everything packed and moving already, a lot of the supplies had been removed to Hogsmeade already. Of course she was still around - it was her job after all, though the children who had been in the Hospital wing had already been moved out of the school.

"No need to yell, dear." Carmine said with utmost calmness, presenting the young girl with her bag. It had been in the office with her, and had the girl not come for it she simply would have got it given to her in Hogsmeade. "Time to head to the passage way, as you were instructed to do." She added calmly. Not that she was telling her off, precisely, but the instructions had been clear. "Come now, with Valetudo and I."

The raven on her shoulder peered down at the girl and then croaked at her curiously. It was time to go.
Cordelia had no idea how to cope with the situation other than by making a fuss over the imminent danger she felt they were in. Subtlety was not in her imaginary toolbox of ways to deal with situations. Yelling was her specialty. ”I’m worried that we’ll all die.” She accepted the bag that the healer presented to her and slung it over her shoulder. Cordelia nodded at the healer’s instructions to proceed to the evacuation site. Perhaps it would have been wiser to evacuate without stopping by the hospital wing, but Cordelia was not exactly the wisest of the bunch. Sticking close to the healer/professor, Cordelia moved as fast as she could down the corridor to the passageway where everyone was evacuating. OH MERLIN THE MIST WAS CLOSING IN ON THEM!!!! ”The mist! It’s coming for us!” It looked like she had gotten here just in time to evacuate. ”Lumos.” Cordelia nudged herself into line to get in the tunnel, lighting her wand as she reached the entrance of the passage that would bring them to safety. Safety by Hogwarts standards anyway. Had she arrived soon enough to hear the plan she would have been asking many questions about what would happen in Hogsmeade, but there was no time to dwell on that now. It was time to GET OUT OF HERE.
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