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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
The fourth year moved her eyes around the classroom out of paranoia. Just to check. No one had been staring at her right? ......... And that's when she noticed the way the Prefect was smirking, it was rather difficult to miss seeing as she wasn't doing much to hide it. Nina instantly knew. Archer hadn't ever made her distaste unknown, Nina still remembered the Arithmancy lesson from early in the term. The direct 'call-out'. It had been the first and last time she chose to speak up in Arithmancy.

Again, she felt very small as Professor Fuller-Thompson continued calling on students and responding to their answers. Everyone's obsession with Quidditch was rather dramatic, in Nina's opinion but she kept a neutral expression on her face in hopes of not being called out again for her behavior. But soon enough their Professor began to address the class again and Nina drew her attention to the front of the room.

..... They weren't learning a new spell? Nina couldn't help the way her eyebrows pulled together as she stared forward in shock. What was the point of a lesson if they weren't learning? ... Um? What was even more surprising was Professor Fuller-Thompson's explanation. They weren't learning because they would be... Meditating? Nina didn't need guided meditations in class! She did yoga every night before bed. School was for learning.

She would NOT be laying down on the grass, either. Nor would she be crossing her legs as it would be a horrible thing to do whilst wearing a skirt. And so instead, she shifted her legs so that she was sitting with them folded underneath her. There. And closed her eyes.

Austin glanced at Nin and saw that she was seeming to not try and relax. Really? He rolled his eyes. With him being quiet most of the time, he noticed that she was not happy with ANYTHING at school. He sighed and closed his eyes again. Breeeaaaathe. He took a breath and started counting again in his head.

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