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Trinetta had been happy to just hang by her fellow Ravenclaws, waiting as the students slowly but surely made their way in to the tunnel. When she heard Chloe nearby, though, her head immediately whipped around and she felt her stomach drop as she saw that the mist had, indeed, made its way in to the corridor. For a second, she forgot to breathe. Instantly she was transported to the boathouse, thinking of the bugs crawling up her legs and preparing to swarm her...

Immediately her brain began to whirl in to overdrive. She nudged Missa and Drew and hissed "Go!" to her two friends before pushing her way forward, two Slytherins in her sights. She didn't want to start a panic, but knew it was probably only a matter of moments before more people saw the mist and began to freak out. Call her selfish, but she wanted to get out of here before a stampede ensued. She'd experienced the mist once - she was NOT keen to do it all again.

Finally making her way through the crowd to Eiji and Nina (and Indigo, but her sights weren't on him of course) she grabbed Eiji's hand without a second thought and squeezed it. "We have to go, NOW!" she whispered roughly to them. They'd been in that boathouse with her - they KNEW what was about to happen. If they didn't get out of here before the mist caught up to them...
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