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Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
People with two last names put a serious dent into the habit of calling people by that last name. Thompson-Fuller was a keen example of that problem, because, honestly... what did he call the man? Thompson? Thompson-Fuller? TF? PIERS? It was bumming him out.

But he gave the man a nod and a small grin. "Willing to play clean up with me... mate?" Dude? No, too informal. The grin dropped at the appearance of O'Hara. Merlin, the woman couldn't take a hint.

"This really isn't the time to flirt with me, O'Hara. We're evacuating. If only someone had suggested this idea earlier..."
What did she say to that? It took her a moment to answer. "Normally I would agree, Grant, this is a terrible time to flirt. But then I saw you wink at me. Or was that wink meant for someone else and I misinterpreted?" She kept her voice relatively low and a little snide to project the proper sarcasm.

I suppose you know more about my weird pleasures than I do, right? That's what she kind of wanted to say. Weird pleasures was HIS insult, not hers. She was still annoyed that he'd told her that. But she restrained herself...for the moment. No need to start an argument right off the bat.

She took long strides (being short, this made her walk evenly with the crowd they were bringing up the rear of) and kept her eyes on the students ahead of them - her flickering wand in front of her. "Anyway, you know me. I would be bringing up the rear even if you weren't here. I wish I had my Invisibility Cloak." Sadly, it was back in her office and she didn't know when she was going to see it again.
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