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Originally Posted by Kimothy View Post
OH YEAAAAAH she was serious. Did she need to wiggle her brows at Angelica? It was a yes. A big yes. Anya was simply in her impulsive mood today, and so it wasn't like she would be expecting anything in return from the obliviator in the future. Instead... "No, I'm Anya," was her comeback to Angelica's question. She wasn't Serious. She also wasn't Sirius. Sirius Black. Serious Black.

And then she bursted out laughing at her own joke. Anya Gonzales, everybody.

With Angelica choosing an extra large shirt, that automatically meant Anya was getting an extra large one for herself too. "Matchy, but not quite." Anya took the same one, but only it was a white coloured shirt.

"Ah, must be ministry protocol. Makes sense." But also, not really. Anya thought they'd have some sort of identification system to make sure someone was actually an employee in the ministry and not an imposter. Maybe Anya just wasn't all about strict rules. Rules were social constructs! But she needed this job so perhaps she should learn to embrace such rules.

Ok, that caused Angelica to roll her eyes and actually laugh. It was like a response you would hear in primary school and not at work in the ministry of magic. Which also helped that Anya laughed at her own joke which was even more ridiculous and made her laugh more. "Hello Anya, nice to meet you at this oh so not serious time" But seems she chose an extra-large one also. Great minds think alike or something like that.

"Both look nice wish they made more colorful options"

Angelica had no idea how they kept people out of different departments besides maybe badges or magic. But even then it seemed farfetched

"You should come by sometime to see the pool..since nothing else in the department is really cant miss"

Would be nice but yeah rules would have to be followed
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