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It was only when Trent started speaking again that he focused on the man, instead. It was..... hard to make out what he was trying to say, especially since his brain was just thinking about trying to find Emma, but some words stuck out to him. Finishing the term in Hogsmeade? Best behaviour? Classes will continue??


It was safe to say that the boy was confused, and it showed. How could they continue classes? In Hogsmeade?! After everything going on here? It just..... didn't seem right. He understood why: they had exams and every adult family member liked to tell him that school was important. But how could they concentrate through all of this??

And how was he going to concentrate if he didn't know if Emma had evacuated or not?!

When Trent had finished speaking, Lucas started looking around again. He let some others go through before him, only stopping to shoot Thereos a weird look at his saying. An old rat is a brave rat? He wanted to ask but...... no. No, he wasn't. This wasn't the time. He had people to look for: specifically his sister and Jzef and all the other five friends he had.

But even as he stood there, an anxious feeling started settling in and he couldn't help but feel as though...... as though he was being watched? Yeah, that's what it was. There were fewer and fewer people staying behind in the corridor and he could only concentrate on how awkward he was starting to feel by just standing there. How could he explain why he was standing back?

Letting out a small sigh, he lit his wand and started moving towards the entrance. Maybe the others had already gone. Or they were coming up soon. Whatever the reason, he would just have to wait for them at the Three Broomsticks, instead. For now, he was just going to have to follow...... someone - he didn't know who - and try to ignore how scared he felt right now.
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