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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
As more and more students started to come she still hadn't seen the ones she was looking for. Where was Fin and where was Gunnar? She didn't even know if Fin wanted to see her at this point, but she had to make sure he was safe. She hated the thought of anyone in danger like Tad was. She knew others were losing hope that the missing was still alive, but she couldn't, she just couldn't think they weren't, so she continued to hold onto hope.

Hearing Hanna she looked over at the prefect, "I..." honestly could any of them really be okay? She wasn't even sure how to answer that so her eyes just wandered back towards the place that more students were gathering. "I can't find Gunnar, I don't want to leave without him." Her brother would do the same and she knew he would, so she wasn't going to be leaving without him.

Hearing one of the professors say a name that made her head turn she looked again at Hanna, "I'll be okay though, promise" and with that she headed towards Thereos, she wasn't sure why, but he made her feel safer when he was around. Moving beside him she lifted her hand and touched his arm, "You are coming with us Sir? I don't want you to stay here where it isn't safe." She knew he wanted to be outside and this could be his chance to get near real grass and flowers, this could be a place he could be outside without being in danger.
Gunnar knew he was cutting it close, but he needed to make sure a certain person or two was okay, grab his kneazle before he left, and also find his sister. He wasn't about to leave the castle without knowing she was safe and on her way as well. And with the first couple of things taken care of, he showed up near the back of the line just in time to hear his name spoken by the very person he was looking for.

"I'm here," he said, once he found the familiar head of blonde curls, slipping his free hand into hers as he carried Wolfgang in his other arm. "Don't worry, I wouldn't leave without you." And she was okay right? He looked her over and could see she wasn't at her best, but they would be okay. And his eyes soon fell on Thereos standing nearby. Would he be able to make the journey with them? It would likely be difficult for the centaur, but he couldn't exactly stay here.
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