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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Yassi preferred eating in this section of the Food Court. Not because it was any emptier, but because the layout itself felt far more comforting. The tables were quite stuff and they made her feel as if she were in a classroom. Not that she minded, but her days were typically spent in classrooms and she did enjoy a change from time to time. It helped her unwind, you see. Besides, those who sat here were often times more open to free flowing conversation.

There was only so much time one could spend speaking about the weather.

And so with her reusable tupperware in hand, Yassi made her way over to the couches. Today she had packed herself a colorful salad, topped off with chickpeas and lemon dressing. She also had hummus and pita chips, but that was for sharing. With who? Only time would tell.

She absently ran a hand through her hair, as she set her little box down on the couch and adjusted her mid-length, floral skirt. Florals? In Spring? Groundbreaking!

A very preoccupied Quentin entered the scene. His shirt sleeves were rolled up to the elbow, concealing the bit of dirt he had somehow managed to get on his cuffs, and in his large, calloused hands he held several reports. Most of them concerning soil, the rest concerning the impossible stories floating around England of a 'massive fungi invasion'. Those last ones were not exactly part of a Bontanist's job description, but Q liked to think his title was something more of a guideline than an enforced rule.

Pulling at his tie, the young man settled himself down in the comfiest seat he could find, unaware that the occupant opposite him had been eager for some time alone. Q cleared his throat before a cough could properly make its way out of his throat, and began the mind-numbing task of highlighting! bits! of! text!


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