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Nina, on the other hand, was not scanning the crowd. She was doing quite the opposite, keeping her gaze fixated on Eiji as his presence was just about the only thing keeping her grounded at the moment. That and the surprising comfort of the tiny hold around her robes. She hadn't noticed that Indigo had made his way over until he had bumped right into her, and she wore the shock all over her face when she looked up at him, at first in annoyance but then in relief after seeing who he was. She nodded her head, also having trouble finding the desire to speak, but stopped when Eiji replied irritably.

She gave Indigo an apologetic look on his behalf, knowing quite well that Eiji would not be apologizing himself. But before she could ask him the question in return, she felt her Housemate's tug on her sleeve. She nodded quietly, taking a few steps in the direction Eiji nodded in before turning back to look over her shoulder at Indigio. "Stay close?" She knew he had others he was likely worrying about. But selfishly she wanted to make sure he'd be close by too.

She was still quite skeptical about the evacuation plan, the durability of the tunnels, everything. But what choice did she have but to follow alongside Eiji and the others. Surely Headmaster Trent knew what he was doing... Right?

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