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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
Vic was fighting back tears, she had been for days, but right now was not the place for the tears so she tried to force them away. Taking her hand away from his in a polite way she wrapped it around her coffee along with her other to sip her coffee. As she did she went silent and silence filled the room after he spoke. Yes, there were two, two very scared children, two hopefully still alive children, one of them being someone close to her. The cup got blurry from the tears that would not hide any longer.

As they slipped down her cheek she tried to recover and wipe them quickly, "Sorry" this was not what she meant to do. Charles was her boss and she shouldn't be crying in front of him, but she felt he was a close friend that she could count on as well as a boss and for that she felt more comfortable being herself and letting her feelings show.

"I know you are doing everything you can and I am grateful for that and I know you have to be worried sick for your grandchildren as I am for my daughter and grandchildren." She knew how Daisy was because of Elisa and Charley keeping her up to date.

'I don't want to keep you, I know you are a busy man, but I wouldn't mind getting to stay if that was alright." They could figure out work things possible to get their minds off of the waiting. What work things she tried to think of. Was there anything she needed to speak with him about concerning her area?
He could all to easily see the attempt and maintaining a professional distance and the Minister was, quite frankly, this close to saying 'to hell' with professionalism. These were extreme circumstances and they both were only human. The urge only intensified when he saw those tears falling. They were positively his least favorite thing in this world, tears. Those that were harbingers of despair, like the sort that were now pouring down Victoria's cheeks. The sight prompted him to pull his silk handkerchief from his pocket and in a last minute swerve was offering it to her rather than dabbing her cheeks and lashes himself.

"I think I would like to suggest you take the rest of the day off, Victoria," he replied sincerely. If that meant using his waiting area for that then that could certainly be arranged. "You have a strong department with more than capable division managers. Surely they can handle any immediate work that needs done."

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