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“Thank you,’’ Rachel replied, feeling her stomach do flip-flops. Kyle still had that effect on her and she hoped that she would never get over it. The fleeing thought that her boyfriend could have simply made a reservation darted through her sharp mind but she shrugged it off. He possibly wanted to be there in person because the restaurant might be extra crowded. He had his own reason and she trusted him fully.

“Yes, let’s.’’ Without a bit of hesitation, Rachel linked her arm through his. “I’m very excited to be your date this evening,’’ she added playfully and quietly, leaning in close to his nearest ear. She inhaled the scent he was wearing and wasn’t surprised when her heart skipped a beat. Smiling to herself, she let Kyle escort her into the restaurant; she felt rather proud having him with her. When they arrived at the table, she immediately noticed the flowers. “Oh! These are gorgeous, Kyle!’’ she exclaimed softly and reached for them with her free hand. Rachel turned back to him, her eyes shining with happiness. He was always so thoughtful. “You always know how to surprise me.’’ The young woman continued to speak quietly as she didn’t want her words to be overheard lest they made him feel embarrassed.
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