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Rosie can't help but remember her pet cat at home. She wanted to bring her to Hogwarts but her mother refused her because Rosie might not be able to handle it that well, with school and homework that is. But she really believes she can. Although with the ongoing mist around the school, her mother was right for not letting her bring her cat. Cats tend to explore or walk into somewhere, what if Rosie had brought her and she made her way into the mist? That's not good at all. Rosie blinks back into reality when the professor was demonstrating some sort of like yoga position.

Wait.... They're meditating for today? Rosie's eyes blink some more. Well now, that is unexpected. She doesn't know anything about meditating. Her idea of stress relief is baking and that's pretty much it. Guess there is a first time for everything.

She followed the professor's sitting position, inhaled and as she closed her eyes, she imagined herself being back home and just enjoying the little things. Sitting in her front porch or walking around the backyard with her cat. Not only that but she recalls being able to talk with her mom while they both bake or read a book.

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