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Of all the things Holly wanted right now, none of them could be given to her at Hogwarts. She wanted hugs from Cameron. She wanted to sit outside and have a proper date with Avery. She wanted to practice her gymnastics with Alis. The sea in Kilcreggan was calling to her, telling her to come swam deep, fast, hard. The sky and her broom were calling her, telling her to be free of this prison-like-building.

Holly very much, in every sense, wanted to leave the castle.

With their movements having become so limited, there was nothing that they were doing at school that they couldn't do outwith the building - even though, normally, that wasn't the case. Really, she just wanted to know that when she woke up she wouldn't be faced with fog. Even though she was now sleeping in Gryffindor Tower... It was still a thought that plagued her dreams.

Moving through the corridors, she kept an eye out for her best friends - they all needed to leave the tower together... They couldn't be left behind. And as they got closer to their destination, she started to keep an eye out for the Ravenclaw's - Avery especially.

Her heart was hammering in her throat, her mouth was dry and she was pretty sure she felt like her head was swimming... but she could do this. She would do this.

She had to. She definitely wasn't staying here...

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