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GROUP 5; 8. Buddy system
Trinity Renaldi and Elias Diggory

[[ Since her first night at Hogwarts, the moment the sorting hat shouted "Gryffindor!", that was the moment Trinity Aoife Renaldi found her partner-in-crime and survival, Elias Diggory, sitting among the table of gold and red.

Perhaps it wasn't that very night Eli would agree they had become the best of friends, she was a whole year younger after all and had stolen mashed potatoes off his plate, but at some point - and Eli couldn't say when, - that's exactly what they had become.

Through monsters, spirits, poison fog, and other deadly things like teenage hormones, heartbreak, and late night crying sessions, it was the pact they had made that had seen them through it all.

Standing before the great lake, seventh year boats awaiting their passengers for their last ride, Trinity let out a soft breath. There she was, alone. Last year had been Elias' seventh, and while Trinity had accompanied him up to his final boat ride, he was obviously unable to be there for hers.

"We did it, Eli.." She whispered out to the water, watching the sun set as her peers finished up at the end of term feast. "We did it." ]]
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