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Originally Posted by Kimothy View Post
Hey, a paycheck's a paycheck. Anya believed her parents wouldn't care with what she did as long as it was her own money.

No mind-reading happening, but Anya was serious. No joke. "Well, go on." the astronomer said with a grin. "Pick your size. I'm thinking of getting an extra large one but, like, maybe that'd be too big? What do you think?" Might seem like an oversized dress in that case, but it was still a sleep shirt. All sleep shirts were equal in Anya's eyes.

A pool? What a dream. "Do they allow visitors there?" Because why not pay a visit, yeah? And....crash pads? Dangerous. The exciting kind of dangerous. "Oh, is there a climbing wall then?" Level 3's training room was sounding more and more appealing.

Huh....wait wait wait. She was serious. Uh, she didn't know what to say. Angelica smiled and made a note to thank her in a second and repay her for this in the future with whatever Anya wanted. "You serious?" Well, she sounded like it and well she walked closer and picked the extra-large black one.

"Looked most comfy"

Angelica nodded thinking back to how the training room worked. Guests....oh right right yes she remembered hearing something about those.

"Yes, but I think it's like your department. They need an escort or someone from the department with them while in the room..climbing wall...i don't think so. But I really have spent much time in the room so maybe???"

Or she could be 100 percent wrong and she will get in trouble. Best double check those rules tomorrow just to be sure
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