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Really? Gryffindor scored a point? Come on! The Professor had even laughed at his cabbage answer..

Dorian sat back down at the table after having pushed the button earlier and was frowning. For someone who thought this quizbowl was a joke he realised that he was rather enjoying himself. Not that he would admit this of course.

He looked over at the Slytherin table. None of them had participated yet and honestly, he couldn't blame them. This was pointless anyway.... But the moment the next question was asked he jumped up , reached for the button and slammed it a couple of times in case the button didn't work. "I DID!" he yelled and cleared his throat a second later before speaking more calmly. "With fiendfyre cause the Ravenclaw ghost refused to tell me where the bathroom was. So i snatched it and blew it up as revenge cause why not right?..." he laughed as he sat back down. "Really should have told me where that bathroom was" he added with a mutter.

Merlin's Beard he wasn't going to lose braincells over this was he.....?
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