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Rylee wasn't sure what to feel anymore. This entire term had been nothing but a whirlwind of emotions and exhaustion. More and more the usual smile that was on her face was no longer there. What was there to smile about when she couldn't go outside at all and lessons had to be held in different rooms and they couldn't even get to the Great Hall for meals? Even the common room was overcrowded and being around people was something she loved.

This was it though. They were being evacuated. Finally the Headmaster and Professors have come to the conclusion that enough was enough and it was time to get out of here. Only it was a bit to late when students were already missing. A younger Ravenclaw boy who she didn't know all that and Kam, who was friends with Cain. Speaking of Cain, where was he? Where was Collin, Casey, Cassie and Isla?! Where was Stefan and his cousin?! She needed to find them all!

With each step the ginger haired lioness took towards the third floor corridor, the more anxious she became. Her head hurt badly and there was a nauseousness threatening to quickly overcome her that she kept trying to force away. Blue-gray eyes swept every which way as she attempted to locate her family and friends. Slung over her shoulder and clutched to her chest was her bag that held all the things she would never ever leave behind. And yes, both Lamb and Cosmos were inside it, little furry heads occasionally peeking out curiously.

Rather than walk over and join the few friends she spotted right away, Rylee choose to remain right where she was near Anna.

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