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This was like a little ray of hope, wasn't it? Drewett tried to condition himself into this train of thought, that they would no longer be stuck inside the castle knowing well that the mist was rising. A part of him was genuinely relieved that they could finally leave. He had even packed his things and placed them in a convenient place near his bed. Less hassle for the elves in that case. The only things he did bring with him, however, were his wand and his two-way mirror. He felt that he would need that one in order to communicate with his mum and dad. His Rubik's Cube, however, he had considered bringing but one could only fit so much in their pocket. He had to half-heartedly leave that one behind with the rest of his belongings in his luggage.

Nearing evacuation time, though, Drewett had started feeling a bit more nervous than relieved. Perhaps the concept of leaving was great but, now that he had thought about it, there were risks. What if the mist came for them? What if their evacuation route was sealed? What if? What if? His spiralling thoughts had led to his slight loss of appetite. The Ravenclaw had to force himself to eat at least half of his usual serving. It was yet another uneasy feeling he couldn't shake off.

The first person he recognized was Hanna, and so Drewett made his way towards her. "Hi," he said. He'd be sticking close to her for now, until he was able to find Mark or Xaria or anyone else. He bit his lower lip as he looked around for his siblings, Hudson, Evan, the Stemp House residents, and his friends.

Could they tell he was nervous? Drewett was basically a ball of nervous energy right now.

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