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Cordelia was slightly salty that the point went to someone else even though the professor said she loved her answer. This was fun, but Cordelia wanted to win this thing. Sarcastic and sassy comments were her specialty, so trolling everyone should be easy. Nicholas Flamel? Never heard of him. Well, maybe in history of magic but who paid attention in that class anyway? As for the next question, Cordelia once again had no idea what all the real answers were but she was pretty sure one was a cauldron. She slammed the buzzer for Gryffindor. ”There are actually seven Cs.” Like the seven seas, get it? ”Cauldron cakes, confusion, calamity, concern, crying, and capitulation.” Cauldron cakes was one item but counted as two because of the double C. The rest of the steps more or less represented her approach to difficult homework assignments. Don’t know what to do, get frustrated, throw a fit, give up. Cordelia Winklebleck was a quitter on things she didn’t want to do in the first place, but never on the things she genuinely cared about.
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