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Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Cornish was eager to let the Headmaster convince him to leave, and he didn't feel remotely like a coward as he hurried back up the corridor. The amount of time he'd spent in the mist previously was exactly as much as he ever wanted to spend there. No more, thanks.

"Nothing isn't a very satisfying answer, sir," Cornish grumbled, slowing down once they were well clear of the corridor and shoving his fists into his pockets. "We can figure out accommodations on the fly, but if the mist rises much further, it'll cut off our access to the Floo network. Perhaps a series of portkeys, but I'd rather be clear of it, honestly."

Unpleasant? That was one word for it.
Nothing wasn't a satisfying answer? Yeah, he didn't need to be told that. The Headmaster was one of those people who was acutely aware of the need to leave....of his need to be clear of it and his desire for everyone else to be as well before things got worse. So far, not counting the rising mist, things hadn't gotten worse. Thankfully.

"We don't have enough for a full scale evacuation." The floo powder, he meant though whether that was clear was another thing entirely. Malachi drew his wand and began placing physical shields to seal off the corridor. "We'd only manage to get a few out in comparison to how many would be left behind." And the man didn't know an effective way of explaining to some parents why their kids were left behind while others weren't.

"Portkeys are still heavily regulated. It'd be a waiting game regardless." Waiting for approval, getting them set up, perhaps as long as waiting for the ministry to get in contact with Hogsmeade given all the paper work that would need. "I'm thinking we'll make use of the tunnels. They're a bit higher up than my floo." By a floor but still, "and will give us a bit more wiggle room."
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