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Dorian walked to the Ravenclaw side table after thanking the professor for her answer and he sat down near one of the buzzers. Now that he knew he was able to participate he was all for it. He turned his attention to the front of the room when the Professor explained the rules and a deep frown appeared on the sixth year's face.

He was all for creative thinking, actually if he were ever to become a professor (mediwizard was his goal for now but futures could change) he'd encourage it but wasn't the whole purpose of a quizbowl to prove and share your academical knowledge and being rewarded for giving the right answer? Why did they have to give out wrong answers? This didn't make any sense to him.

But. He also liked winning. And if his House had to win by playing this ridiculous rule, so be it. He sat more upright but did not slam the buzzer. He'd let Analiese take this answer as she had already pressed it and gave her a quick thumbs up.
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