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Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
"This is really nice, Professor." Vita had arrived early, any excuse to get out of the crowded common room and have some space to breathe. Lately she'd been feeling a bit like a caged animal. Overwhelmed, stressed, wanting OUT...That's why this was so perfect. This was the space she was longing for. Outdoors, inviting, and a reminder that summer was right around the corner. She liked it very much.

Settling down in the grass, the seventh year took a moment to just enjoy the fake sunshine on her face and the peace that came along with that.

You know, it wasn’t a requirement for prefects to show up to their Head of House’s lessons before anyone else, but Piers was rather proud when Vita was the first to show up to his class. She represented the Slytherin house well. He smiled at her reaction. ”Glad you like it,” he responded simply as she sat down.

Originally Posted by SilverTiger View Post
After the assembly and helping to get the whole shared common room situation working, Stasya was even more ready for the end of term. Or even just the eradication of the mist, as she was finding she missed the sun. The sun that really ought to be there since it wasn’t winter anymore. The crowded living spaces were annoying, but the mist was more so. Just getting to lessons was irritating, what with corridors suddenly being off limits and everything. Even so, and also making sure some younger students she passed got to their lessons alright, she’d arrived at Charms nearly early. At least, it looked like she had, as she stepped into the room and only saw a few others inside.

Except she was a bit more distracted by her surroundings. There was sun… She had to admit to herself that it wasn’t real. Just as the swamps from the hinkypunk DADA lesson hadn’t been real, but it was sun. “This is beautiful, Professor Fuller-Thompson,” she said, giving him a smile that was more rare than usual given the recent events at the castle. “Thank you.”

And she dropped down onto the grass and laid back to look up at the magical sky. There was time to sit up once the lesson began, but for now, she wanted to just enjoy the sun.
He had been hoping he’d surprise a few students. He smiled again. ”You’re welcome. Enjoy it while you can.” The charm wouldn’t last forever, but neither would their class.

Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
Daisy couldn't help but smile as she entered the Charms classroom. "This looks really lovely, Professor!" she exclaimed before finding a spot on the grass and offering both Vita and Stasya a small smile. Daisy was really enjoying the beautiful surroundings.
See, smiles all around. Changing his lesson plan had been a great idea. ”Thank you, Daisy,” he responded, quite pleased with himself.

Originally Posted by LilFox06 View Post
Valencia walked into the classroom and grinned widely. She couldn't contain her joy. "I'd nearly forgotten what outside looked like." she said.

Was it an exaggeration?

No. Not at all. The young Ravenclaw missed outside. Reading in the sunshine was one of her very favorite things.

She made her way over to where the professor was before happily plopping onto the ground.
Well, it was a little dramatic, but he appreciated the sentiment. ”Glad I could help,” he responded with a nod as the student took a seat.

Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post

Nina did not like this. She didn't like it one bit. It was a nice sentiment, but no. No. No. No. Where were the desks? And the chairs? How was anyone meant to LEARN without an actual CLASSROOM? This was beyond ridiculous. The mist must have seeped into Professor Fuller-Thompson's brain and snatched away his last two remaining brain cells because there was no part of this arrangement that was okay.

This was a charms lesson. Not Care of Magical Creatures and not Herbology. There was no reasonable excuse as to why the room looked like a garden.

And so Nina made her displeasure quite apparent as she walked into the """classroom""", knowing better than to complain out loud. She was not, however, beyond sharing her complaints via the expressions on her face. She paused briefly to acknowledge her Professor (and to show him how much she HATED the set up), before making her way over... Somewhere.

Where she stood, arms crossed unhappily. He could have at least provided them stumps to sit on. It was difficult to sit on the grass in a skirt. Not to mention, grass is itchy, and dirty, and WHAT IF THERE WERE BUGS?
.................. And then there was Nina.

Sure, she wasn’t complaining “out loud”, but the look on her face screamed “grumpy” and HE was the only one allowed to be grumpy around here. Okay?

Her displeasure was noted. And not accepted.

”Feel free to leave, Nina,” Piers said with a raised voice, calling back her attention after she looked away from him. ”You may find that this lesson won’t challenge you enough.” Then he gave her a LOOK. He was unimpressed. The choice was hers.

Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
Anna was trying her hardest not to lose her mind. Being stuck inside with all of the students up in the towers was turning out to be far from ideal and she missed running and playing Quidditch with a passion. It just wasn't the same thing using the Room of Requirements to work out.

She wasn't displeased with the different setting of the Charms classroom that day, however. It was a very good change and at least she could bask in the fake sun for a bit. It was a very nice change.

Professor Fuller-Thompson got a small smile and a head nod when she entered and made her way towards where her co-prefect was. "Hey." She offered the girl a small smile too as she took a seat and also looked up at the sky. Taking a deep breath in and out, she wished the Ministry would just hurry up and get this mist problem solved already.

Anna couldn't wait to go to the real outdoors.
When the next student arrived, Piers gave them his attention and nodded at the simple, silent smile he received. At least some of the students appreciated his efforts.

Originally Posted by spiral_star View Post
Rosie felt tired from what is happening and not that she is complaining but it was too much to take all in for a thirteen year old. She's even more surprised to the interior of the Charms classroom. It is definitely different and new. Whoah. Her eyes blinked a couple of times before she started to scout the room. That sun looks nice. Everything looks refreshing. She made her way to the grass and greeted with a smile "Hello there, professor". She then sat down in the grass like the others.

This feels nice.
”Hello there,” Piers responded in kind to the next student to greet him. Just a couple more minutes and he would begin the class.

Originally Posted by hermionesclone View Post
Was that....... was that the SUN?!

Lucas gasped. He stood at the doorway and GASPED at the scene ahead of him. The entire classroom had been transformed and, while that wasn't new for classrooms at Hogwarts, what did seem new was actually seeing a SUN. He knew that it couldn't be the real sun and it didn't feel real, either. But there was something sun-like, and that was great.

The third year moved forwards to an empty spot, an instant smile lighting up his face. He couldn't help but look around at the setting as he sat down, almost wanting to take his shoes off and let his feet touch the grass. And picnics? That was something else he missed.

Could the Professor keep it like this? Always? Could he do that?

Speaking of, his eyes found the man and the chalkboard and he gave him a small smile. "Hello, Professor."
Ah, now there it was. The gasp. The full blown surprised reaction he had been waiting for. Hogwarts kids were dramatic, so he knew there’d be at least one. Piers smiled smugly at the gasp and then nodded at the kid by way of greeting.

There. Now he could start class.

”Alright everyone, listen up. Piers raised his voice to reach the group of students, waiting a moment for their undivided attention. It was a wide space, so they would have to sit close in order to hear him. ”I know things have been a little rough around her the last few weeks. I know it’s hard to focus... hard to want to learn. Don’t think I’m going easy on you and definitely don’t expect this to happen again, but we’re going to have sort of a... chill lesson today. Now, we’re still going to learn, but I just want you guys to be able to relax a little bit and not stress too hard.” Because stress combined with whatever was in that mist was not going to help anyone.

Once everyone was settled and paying attention, Piers moved on to open the discussion. ”Food, oxygen, shelter, water, and sleep are the five most basic needs for a human to survive. The sixth most important, in my opinion, would be sunlight - something we haven’t seen much of in the last few months. Aside from those basic necessities, let’s open up a simple, easy discussion: what are some things you can’t live without? Now, obviously, you’d survive without pumpkin juice, but... metaphorically speaking, some people can’t live without it. What are some of your metaphorical needs for life?” For example, his were the love of his husband, his dogs, and chocolate cake.

OOC: Hello everyone! This is going to be a nice chill, easy lesson to let our kids relax. Class has now begun! If a student arrives late, they MAY receive in-character penalties. Go ahead and have your student answer the question! Class will move on in about 24 hours.

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