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"I'm only watching, Professor," was her reply as she stayed leaning against the wall and watching as more and more of her classmates filed into the room and took places at their respective House tables. She waited with baited breath as the final student hurried inside and Professor Sandhu began to address the room. The Slytherin's only real reaction came when their Astronomy Professor announced that they would not be giving real answers.

Nina was entirely disappointed to say the least.

She would have walked straight out of the room if she didn't think she'd draw attention to herself for doing so. How was there any point to giving incorrect answers? The purpose behind quiz bowl was to educate. To award students for their knowledge. Awarding points to incorrect answers only taught anyone that their lack of studying was not an issue. And. It. Was. No wonder Hogwarts' was beginning to fail as an academic institution. There was no way they would let this happen at Beauxbatons.

Nina Castillo did not like this rule. She did not like it at all. Her frown only grew when the younger Hufflepuff kid decided to buy into the silly 'game'. Why was he entertaining this? It was ridiculous.


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