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Anna was trying her hardest not to lose her mind. Being stuck inside with all of the students up in the towers was turning out to be far from ideal and she missed running and playing Quidditch with a passion. It just wasn't the same thing using the Room of Requirements to work out.

She wasn't displeased with the different setting of the Charms classroom that day, however. It was a very good change and at least she could bask in the fake sun for a bit. It was a very nice change.

Professor Fuller-Thompson got a small smile and a head nod when she entered and made her way towards where her co-prefect was. "Hey." She offered the girl a small smile too as she took a seat and also looked up at the sky. Taking a deep breath in and out, she wished the Ministry would just hurry up and get this mist problem solved already.

Anna couldn't wait to go to the real outdoors.
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