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Nina did not like this. She didn't like it one bit. It was a nice sentiment, but no. No. No. No. Where were the desks? And the chairs? How was anyone meant to LEARN without an actual CLASSROOM? This was beyond ridiculous. The mist must have seeped into Professor Fuller-Thompson's brain and snatched away his last two remaining brain cells because there was no part of this arrangement that was okay.

This was a charms lesson. Not Care of Magical Creatures and not Herbology. There was no reasonable excuse as to why the room looked like a garden.

And so Nina made her displeasure quite apparent as she walked into the """classroom""", knowing better than to complain out loud. She was not, however, beyond sharing her complaints via the expressions on her face. She paused briefly to acknowledge her Professor (and to show him how much she HATED the set up), before making her way over... Somewhere.

Where she stood, arms crossed unhappily. He could have at least provided them stumps to sit on. It was difficult to sit on the grass in a skirt. Not to mention, grass is itchy, and dirty, and WHAT IF THERE WERE BUGS?
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