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After the assembly and helping to get the whole shared common room situation working, Stasya was even more ready for the end of term. Or even just the eradication of the mist, as she was finding she missed the sun. The sun that really ought to be there since it wasn’t winter anymore. The crowded living spaces were annoying, but the mist was more so. Just getting to lessons was irritating, what with corridors suddenly being off limits and everything. Even so, and also making sure some younger students she passed got to their lessons alright, she’d arrived at Charms nearly early. At least, it looked like she had, as she stepped into the room and only saw a few others inside.

Except she was a bit more distracted by her surroundings. There was sun… She had to admit to herself that it wasn’t real. Just as the swamps from the hinkypunk DADA lesson hadn’t been real, but it was sun. “This is beautiful, Professor Fuller-Thompson,” she said, giving him a smile that was more rare than usual given the recent events at the castle. “Thank you.”

And she dropped down onto the grass and laid back to look up at the magical sky. There was time to sit up once the lesson began, but for now, she wanted to just enjoy the sun.
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