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Default Charms Lesson 2

Considering the recent events and current state of the environment surrounding Hogwarts, Piers made last minute changes to his lesson plan... Meaning he changed it completely. The students were full of anxiety, everyone was on edge and everything was just plain SAD, damp, and depressing. Piers himself was starting to feel the effects of the mist sink into his bones. It was cold. He was tired.

So, the Charms Classroom today looked a little different.

When you walk through the doors, you’ll find nothing that resembles the charms classroom, but... a green field of grass that seems to extend forever. There are wild flower dotting the landscape, as well as a few, tall, bushy trees that offer a few patches of shade from something that no one in the castle has seen in a while - sun.

That’s right. Sun.

High up in the “sky” above them, a bright yellow orb sits and shines warmth down onto the ground. If one pays close enough attention, they’ll notice that it’s not the REAL sun. It’s warm, but it doesn’t quite warm you all the way to your bones. Nothing but the real sun could do that. But since no one had seen the real sun in months, the artificial sun would do just fine.

In an area with particularly squishy grass, Piers stood with an empty chalkboard beside him, waiting for the students to arrive and take a seat on the grass.