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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
She sat quietly as he spoke, his words reaching her hears, but her facial expression something of a distant thought was going on in her mind though she was actually fully listening. It was nice to see the ministry jumping quickly to get over there and figure things out and she knew Olly would do a very good job, but she just wished there was more information especially on Tad. "The last mirror I had with Elisa she said that they are safe, but they are now sharing common rooms." Trying to remember everything her daughter had said in their last conversation. They were far and few between, but she knew Elisa was mirroring her father more and that was okay with everything going on. She knew Charely and Wade needed her more right now.

She nodded about the Airey thing, she vaguely remembered something about herds a few years back, but so much happened at Wizarding schools it was hard to keep it straight. 'I'll never live this down with Cossy." She shook her head the thought not meant to come out of her mouth and she frowned hearing her own words. "It's bringing up what went fully wrong all over again. Being a former professor you would think he of all people would know that the Wizarding schools were all dangerous, but he always acted like Hogwarts was beneath him." She sighed growing upset at the memories. "Uprooting are entire family, it wasn't hard enough with Alana at the muggle school and not with her sister at Hogwarts, but now Helena being fully in a different country." Her lip wibbled, but she tried to control her emotions. 'Now with Tad, I mean it is horrible for any student to be missing, but family it will be an I told you so for him."

She tried to remove those thoughts from her mind and concentrate on other things. "I hope they find him and sooner rather than later, plus there is a young lady as well from my understanding?" She knew there was someone else, but her focus had been for her family that she felt bad not acknowledging the other. His hand on hers made her feel comforted in a small way, but she knew he was going through just as much as she was and him saying about his son was not a surprise. "I believe in that school and the staff there, I always have, I also believe in our department heads and employees, so they will all keep our children safe and figure this out." Whether she was trying to say that to reassure herself or helping to comfort him in return for his comfort she wasn't sure, it might be both if she truly put thought into it.
Charles found himself remaining silent but nodding, simply acknowledging that he was listening and hearing her concerns. Which was perhaps very Minister of him, but he was not doing so in his political capacity. Not at the moment, no. It was a much more intimate setting between them.

He had heard about the current living conditions at Hogwarts and while not ideal, it would do for now. Each child had their own bed and was well fed still thanks to the house elves being able to zip back and forth between the kitchens and common rooms. Though he could only imagine how irritated his grandson was with this, particularly seeing as Slytherin was housing with Gryffindor. Though his thoughts could hardly focus on his own grandchildren, shockingly, as Victoria began to delve further into her own situation. He was very familiar with her situation with her ex-husband and the custody situation there as well. Something Charles always found a bit peculiar coming from a former Hogwarts professor to be so adamantly against the school. It made the man wonder if, perhaps, he had been let go rather than leave on his own accord. Though he pulled his thoughts away from all this soon enough to give her hand yet another squeeze and even softer eyes. There were not really any words of comfort that he could think to offer her in the moment. No matter how one looked at it, it was a terrible situation.

"Yes. Two," he nodded in regretful confirmation. Rebecca, he knew, would be taking the latter hard and he wished he could hold his granddaughter. "I am confident that Olly and her team will bring them both back home. I regret that I cannot offer you more counsel than that. I have half a mind to join Environmental out in the field myself." He was feeling a bit stir crazy sitting here at the Ministry while all this was going on. "I should be receiving an update from the team in another hour if you would like to wait here for that." While they pretended to sip their coffees.

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