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Well that made sense, didn't it? Cecelia had been going SUPER FAST, after all, and her mum was always insisting they hydrate, 'specially when they were playing quidditch or running around the yard. Catherine was only sitting there and looking thoughtful, which Cat tended to do a lot. The blonde couldn't imagine that would make you thirsty at ALL.

Looking down at herself, the ten year old grinned. "Thanks! I think it shows how I'm feeling on the inside, but on the outside, you KNOW?" Cece had flipped through a witch weekly magazine she nicked from her mum for ONLY a little and it said some REALLY deep stuff about dressing for your mood. Cecelia had OBVIOUSLY taken it all to heart, as she did with most things.

Picking up her own refilled glass, she took another sip and then raised her eyebrows at her friend because wait, what? "How come you don't want Noah to come, too? Are you in a fight or something?" Cecelia almost never fought with Sammy, mostly because he was smaller and generally pretty nice and really cute, as far as little brothers went. She sometimes wondered if they'd get on if they were twins like Cat and Noah were. She couldn't really picture it, though.
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