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Olly would rather not dare.

But it was become clearer with each second that passed that there was no way around it. They could only do so much with the samples taken from OUTSIDE the gates. Why them? Honestly. This task seemed to be much more suitable for Aurors right? They were the ones who were willingly going to dangerous places, putting themselves into dangerous situation.

They were just the Environmental Department.

Unfortunately, however, Olly was pretty sure none of the Aurors would be able to analyze any and all samples collected from their surroundings. Nor would they probably be able to collect them correctly. Without contaminating them. Which, in the end, it did of course make sense that THEY were here, and the Aurors weren't.

Not that that made the situation any better.

Mariana's suggestion brought her back from her little reverie (or nightmare?) and Olly blinked a few times, turning back to her employees. "Yeah. Yes. Good idea." She nodded in the general direction of Mariana. At the mention of protective gear and oxygen masks, Olly held up her wand a little. She cleared her throat. "Yes, before we go in, make sure you cast a Bubble-Head Charm. The mist doesn't appear to be toxic- at least not from out here but we can't be sure." She took a step closer to the gate again before looking at the team over her shoulder. "Put on your protective gloves if you haven't done so already." That should go without saying, seeing as they'd been taking samples, but...well, the more she talked, the more time they still had out here.

"Ready? Any more questions?" Before they used the Bubble-Head Charm, that is.
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