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An approving nod in Daisy's direction as she mentioned Sir Agravaine. "Ah, Sir Agravaine. Yes, you're right on all counts. He is first mentioned in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, where he referred to as Agravaine of the Hard Hand. And unfortunately, he was indeed slain by Lancelot upon his discovery." Very unfortunate. Alice related to Agravaine.

Another nod of approval went towards Tina, who clearly knew her legends. " You are right on all counts. Bedivere and Arthur are among the few survivors of the Battle of Camlann. After the battle, at the request of the tragically fallen Arthur, Bedivere casts away Excalibur - though not in the lake of the Lady, as Arthur requested. When he reported that nothing in particular happened, King Arthur admonished him, for Arthur knows that the mystical sword would summon the Lady. Finally, Sir Bedivere casted the sword into the water, at which the Lady's hand arose and caught the sword mid-air. Upon the death of Arthur, Bedivere entered a hermitage, as you mentioned, where he spent the remainder of his life. A loyal friend to the end and beyond."

Gunnar's comment earned a small frown the history professor. "I don't expect you to give permanent sacrifices of your personal belongings just for a class activity. Why would I wish to keep your belongings? I have no use for them and they have meaning to you." She was a bit annoyed, however, when he dropped his history of magic book in the pool. That earned him a poke from the hand in the Lake. "I know you might like the idea of sacrificing my subject, Mr. McCarthy, but clearly you don't treasure it as much as you should," she retorted dryly. Tutt Tutt!

What happened next was not something Alice expected to happen in this class. She heard Cordelia shouting dramatically that the lake demanded a sacrifice. Well now, she really seemed to be in the mood. That was good. But then she pricked her finger and released a drop of blood. "Ms. Winklebleck!" she exclaimed, and she rushed to the girl's side. Her first reaction was to check to make sure she wasn't still bleeding. Thankfully, she seemed to be okay. The sword was offered to her. Well then. "Are you all right, Cordelia?" she asked in a gentler voice in case her earlier shouting had set the girl's nerves off. "You should know I did not expect anyone to injure themselves for a class activity. Not that it wasn't a worthy sacrifice. I guess it's okay." But she hoped Malachi didn't hear about this. She wasn't sure how he'd react. "I'm afraid I won't be able to offer you your sacrifice back. Would you like a healing potion?" Her answers about Percival and Mordred were correct ones, but Alice just gave a nod and a small smile in response. "That is correct. You're well read." She was a bit too distracted to elaborate on those knights further.

With that, class was over. Alice clapped her hands together. The rocks and the pools of water vanished. In their place were the student's desks - a little wet 9Alice still needed practice on her newfound magic) but intact. Tina's butterfly bracelet and Daisy's gold necklace appeared on top of their desks, along with all the other worthy sacrifices - save Cordelia's blood.

Alice beamed at the class. "Class dismissed! Have a peaceful day."

OOC: Thank you SO much for coming, guys! I'll award points for the past two lessons tomorrow. You guys rock.
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