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As was expected, the fauna were responding positively to the younglings and their offerings. With most of them on task, Thereos felt his spirits lifted ever so subtly. Though he got a bit too caught up in watching the interactions that the centaur began losing track of the passage of time. He could thank the fairies for their gently toot toots for the reminder that there was still a task to be performed.

"The remedy should be taking it's full effect soon enough," he proclaimed while slowly pacing the area. "You'll want to follow your creature at an appropriate distance until they relieve themselves. This will be their first movements of the day and will always provide you with the freshest and purest of readings. Now, before any of your inquiring minds speak it, yes this is something that you can perform on your own each morning and yes the nourishment you intake the previous day can influence your reading. Just like your fate, your fecal prediction can be changed by your life decisions. Nothing is written in stone. Thankfully in the case of our subjects today, some of these variables have been nullified seeing as their diets are being regulated and consistent." He pause a moment to give the students time to digest this information before pressing onward, speaking with a casualness as though he were merely discussing the weather. "One's sense of smell is subjective and typically the aroma is disregarded in scatomancy, but it is true that the stronger the scent the more certain the prediction. You will find guidelines for how to read these on page 202 of your textbook. We will use the remaining time of the lesson focusing on your readings."

His tail swished and he felt a bit of an itch, but he could remain poised until dismissal.

Text Cut: page 202

Black or dark brown stool indicates that you must make quick decisions today. Do not hesitate when opportunities arise. Carpe Diem!

Brown stool indicates that you will have no real surprises today. A calm and stable forecast is expected, make the best of it.

Beige stool indicates caution. Take special consideration before you act. Be sure to think before you speak!

Green stool indicates turmoil ahead. Be extremely careful in your interactions with others. Don't be confrontational or a dangerous situation will arise.

Number of Droppings
0 Your future is clouded in uncertainty
1-3 Be wise with your money, do not spend too much. Be frugal.
4-6 Be kind to a stranger today and you will be repaid handsomely.
7-10 Do not prejudge others today, be open-minded and fair.
10+ Be wary of overindulgence and gluttony

loose stool trouble will flow, be cautious and do not look in any mirrors

| The Cigar - A straight, long piece hints that strong leadership is needed today, be the first to speak up. Take control.
) The Banana - A curved loaf indicates serious attitude is required today, put away childish indulgences and wise up!
∴ Nugget(s) - A nugget(s) or pellet(s) movement suggests you should support the project of a friend/family member.
X The X - Red flag, Beware! Avoid automotive transit today, or perhaps It would be best to stay in bed.
∇ The Triangle - Your luck will be incredible today! Act on that long time crush you have or buy a lottery ticket quickly!
ξ The Coil - You should really take up a new hobby and change up your lifestyle. You are becoming a boring person

OOC: you have arrived at the main activity of the lesson! The special creature accounts will continue to be posted, making it easier or more difficult for your student to gain a reading depending, but will not provide you with too many specifics about the reading itself.

Have, er, fun? This lesson will conclude no more than 36 hours 48 hours from the time of this post.
MARS IS BRIGHT TONIGHT.................................................. ............................

His priority did not seem to be to teach them what he knew... .................................................. ......
but rather to impress upon them that nothing, not even centaurs' knowledge, was foolproof

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