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Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
Anna can't go do something useful other than helping in the common room.

that just made me smile about your model prefect.
She's not a happy camper xP but I'll throw her there now! My laptop was acting up earlier today so I had to leave it to rest for a bit, lol. Hopefully it'll be fine for an RP post now

Bahahaha, this is her worst term yet regarding points xP she received 5 points for attending the first Astronomy lesson but lost 3 points during said lesson, so. 2 points profit, woohoo! xD

Originally Posted by SilverTiger View Post
Meanwhile her counterpart is just completely over the mist and everything lol

Well Stas has 8 so far xD idk if she or I are more annoyed at myself.
Anna is over the adults NOT DOING ANYTHING TO SAVE THE MISSING KIDS, or something. She's not stupid and/or impulsive enough to venture out on her own, though. Unless it was family. Welp.

HAHAHA, it's impressive Gryffindor is in second place overall, what with these student leaders of theirs (not) leading the way xD

I am 100% blaming Anna for her house points situation, though. I'd be happy to go out and earn more, but she's not interested AND the few points she manages to earn she also manages to lose *le shrug*

EDIT: Mehhh, Anna is so boring when she's in a somber mood =S

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