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If it weren't for the fact Catherine and Cecelia had been best friends since before they were born, the blonde's way of arriving would startle Catherine. However, it seemed like most people around her were loud and colourful - except daddy, who Catherine knew was the only normal person in the world - and loved moving really fast for some reason. Her best friend was no exception.

Catherine watched with her typical neutral expression as Cecelia gulped the entire glass of orange juice in basically one go and blinked. She was sure that was a circus skill.

The young brunette blinked again at her best friend when she finally spoke to her. "Yes, but..." She started, moving forward on her seat to take her own glass of orange juice. "I'm not as thirsty." She looked at Cecelia still wondering how in the world she could drink all that so quickly. She took a sip and briefly glanced at Calen pouring Cecelia some more juice.

"I like your clothes." She said, although they kind of hurt her eyes. She wasn't going to tell Cecelia that, of course, because it wasn't polite. They reminded her of Cecelia herself and her own mother - maybe that was why she kind of liked them even though they were a bit too much. It seemed like her mother could've dressed Cecelia, though that thought alone made Catherine hope her best friend's clothes didn't magically change colour every five minutes. She shivered. That'd be too much.

Still holding her glass of juice, Catherine stood up. "We can go to my room and I'll show you my new watercolour. I told Noah to stay out so he won't bother us." She said, waiting to see her friend's reaction before she started leading the way. She told Scarlett not to bother them as well, but Catherine didn't trust her little sister to follow requests, so she'd have to use other means to keep her out.
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