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Today's lesson was weirder than usual somehow and Gunnar wasn't entirely here for it. He knew a little bit about the legends of King Arthur of Camelot, but he wasn't entirely too sure that these stories were any more than that. And he thought that History of Magic was a class based in fact.

He did little in the way of note-taking, but it was the series of activities that he was finding difficult to get on board with. Even though O'Hara said she wasn't judging them, it sure seemed like it to him. Wasn't being a good person all sort of relative? It seemed like there was a sliding scale at least. And how good of a person did one have to be to qualify? Not to mention what one person considered to be rude, another might just consider it to be bluntly honest. And he hadn't been focusing on doing good deeds before class began, because.... who did that?

It took a little effort but Gunnar was able to pull the little sword from the stone. But was it due to being a perceived good person or because he had good upper body strength? Who knew. He did have really strong arms from being a Quidditch beater.

And then another "test" to retrieve the sword from the water. He vaguely knew this story about the lady of the lake, but how to best go about this?Gunnar peered into the water a moment, contemplating, then soon glanced over at the younger girl next to him who tried a summoning charm with no luck. Hmm. He tried to think about what other spell might be useful when O'Hara caught his attention as she began to speak and give them a hint. A sacrifice?

"It's not really a sacrifice if it gets returned." Just saying. But what could he offer, if he wanted to play along? He didn't really have anything on his person and there wasn't anything in his school bag but his class supplies. Well, that would have to be it then.

He picked up his History of Magic textbook and dropped it into the water with a large SPLASH. That was a sacrifice, wasn't it? He might not pass the class or his OWL without it, not that he was planning on taking the class at NEWT level. And not that he'd be too bothered to truly sacrifice that book.... But he waited for his sword and peered down into the water. "....ouch!" That really was rude. And he was the one being judged here?
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