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Mariana also jumped into action, glancing at Archer briefly and offering him a tentative smile. This was a bit different than working side by side as a group in the greenhouses, higher stakes and higher stress. She was trying to detach herself from her emotions at the moment, though. If she could just treat this like any other plant related problem to be solved, she wouldn't panic, even as the mist waited menacingly for them just by the gates.

"I'm on it," She offered in response to Quentin's words, slipping phials from her backpack and carefully collecting samples with deft hands. She knew they'd need to go further, venture onto the grounds, but she was relieved to have this as a warm-up task. As she placed the stoppers on and returned each phial with care, she looked around at the others. Lucy was right, of course, but if they were going in...

"We could use a rope. Have a lead at the front and an anchor back out here. A safety net so that everyone can find their way back. It's too thick to go off without one." She couldn't even see the school where scared students and staff were waiting for assistance and it was unsettling, unlike anything she'd ever experienced. She didn't dare volunteer to go first, her usual adventurous nature subdued by the sense of danger she got from the mist itself. It felt strange to be scared of it and not so much what lurked within, for the quiet made her think that anything that dared spend too much time lost in that fog didn't stand a chance.
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